The package we called extreme is exclusively for adrenaline junkies. This is a select offer for those who love the flight, the speed and the workout.

The extreme opens the gate to a few select outdoor activities that will stretch you to the limit. We gathered a team of professionals who will teach how to wisely take this challenge. You can choose for one extreme, or you can select the full package of activities. Fight the routine and join the select club of extreme sports!

Bungee jumping is simply the thrill of free fall! Forget about the classic outdoors, this will take you to extremes, it's 100% adrenaline! Each jump will test your mind's control over your body. But if you feel unsafe from the beginning, forget it, bungee is not for you! Up there you need self-confidence, courage and a strong wish to explore ... As most of you know, the highest bungee site in Romania is located at Vidraru Dam, 166m high.
Rasnov Gorges was the first bungee centre opened in Romania, at 137 m. This two locations are impressive! The fee for a jump is 110 euro. It may seem expensive, but I suggest you to take a look at the kind of work this climbers do, asses the risk and the pressure the team experiences with each jump.
This year we set up a new bungee site, more affordable in terms of price and height. Our newest bungee, located also in the Rasnov Gorges at a height of just 40m, is opened for those who simply want to experience a small jump and find out if they wish for more ... "Bungee 40m" from Rasnov Gorges is an entry-level extreme and comes at a very attractive price: just 35 euro. Give it a try!

River rafting
Experience quick waters in the raft, with your friends! Our favorite location is up stream from Siriu Dam (Buzau county). We can fit max 8 people in a raft, and a skipper. The fee for half a day rafting is 50 euro. As a first experience, the half a day raft offers full satisfaction.
The price charge covers the wet suit, the lifejacket, also the wet shoes and obviously your paddle. Before we proceed, we provide the proper training, both on land and on water.
According to how skilled and used to the river you are, we can head further up, to quicker waters as a start point. There will be an assistance car driving all the time along the water, so that we can safely enjoy the experience. We also are making the transfer to the rafting location, and back to the reunion place.

There are also excellent mountain-bike trails in the area. We can take on a wild trip on mountain-bikes in wild places close to the rafting location.

For the rafting experience, we also provide accommodation to a beautiful mansion in the area, see details on www.pensiunea-roxana.ro

For the rafting trips, a notice is needed two weeks prior to the date you want to book.

Rappelling on climbing ropes is fascinating!
We are equipped with good climbing gear, easy to use. With modern descent devices, you simply pull the handle and down you go, or release the handle and you stop the descent. The technique is simple, and the gear is safe.
Let us look for the most interesting locations and we will teach you the secrets of rappelling! We can set rappels on bridges, viaducts, buildings, cranes or other vertical walls. Explore all this at the altitude! Rappelling is practice, coordination and the chance to spend quality time with your friends. The base price for a min 5 people group is 35 euro/person.